Shift your mode of thinking about transportation with these podcasts with Dr. Edwards and Radio Talking Book Services.

Community Conversations with Jane Nielsen of the Radio Talking Book Service

If you would like an overview of the mission and work of Mode Shift Omaha, take 30 minutes to listen as Board Member Crystal Edwards speaks to Jane Nielsen of the Radio Talking Book Service.  Radio Talking Book Service (RTBS) serves Nebraska and southwest Iowa with a mission to provide human-voiced information choices to individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or have physical disabilities which prevent them from reading. Crystal’s relationship with RTBS began after Mode Shift volunteers worked at a spring health fair and spoke to visually impaired adults about their transportation options in Omaha.

Ryan O and Crystal Edwards Talk the Walk

Mode Shift Board Member and Walkability Team Chair spoke to Ryan Osentowski, Station Manager of the Radio Talking Book Service .  Their 45 minute conversation is wide-reaching and covers many fascinating topics – like status, cars, economics, change making and many topics in between.  Listen to Ryan speak about his experiences living as a blind person in Kearney, Lincoln, Denver and Omaha – and how walkability and good transit impact his quality of life.  Listen as they discuss how Denver has less of a stigma around walking and transit than most of our midwestern cities – and how community is built on the light rail.

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